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Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC (EDT)

More Tons, Better Tons, Less Costly Tons


3975 Steve Reynolds Boulevard · Norcross · Georgia 30093 · USA




+1 678 735 3500


+1 678 735 3501

  • J. Polster ( Business Director EMEA )
  • P. Kiermeyr ( Sales Manager )

Address in Europe

Address: Postbus 36, 2040 AA Zandvoort, The Netherlands

Enzymatic Deinking Technologies

EDT is a bio-industrial company specializing in enzyme-based treatments for the pulp and paper industry. For over 25 years, EDT has developed more than one dozen different programs to help mills produce more tons, higher quality tons, less costly tons and more sustainable tons. EDT’s award-winning programs span treatments for deinking wastepaper, fiber modification for tissue, paperboard, liquid packaging and P&W grade manufacture, pitch and stickies control, defiberization, energy reduction and yield improvement goals. All EDT treatments are mill-specific enzyme formulations tailored around target substrates, mill equipment and the desired value propositions.

Please visit EDT's booth to learn more about these valuable technologies.