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emco GmbH

Knowing paper better!


Mommsenstrasse 2 · 04329 Leipzig · Germany




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  • F. Beltz

Knowing paper better with emco measuring technologies!

27 years of experience in the application of ultrasonic transmission measuring for manufacturers and processors of paper. Knowing the nature of the paper reduces costs, makes the paper processing predictable and enables the industrial production! With the application of unique measuring and testing technology for paper, know-how about the relation between measuring result, paper characteristics and ideal process management arose, to reduce costs significantly.

Missing information determine avoidable costs ...

  1. emco DPM Papyrus - Functionality of paper in interaction with any liquid in the process-relevant time range:
    Sizing, capillarity, special applications. Especially for the determining of sizing as hydrophobing of the paper fiber the Dynamic Ultrasound Penetration Measurement is capable to detect physically directly the result. The recording of the dynamics shows the quality of surface sizing, internal sizing and the effect of starch.

  2. With the analysis of special marks according to Dr. Hermann Praast it is possible to determine the shrinkage in CD and stretching in MD inside the paper machine to determine the behaviour during processing.

  3. AP 500-M5 solution - closed-loop system for the determination of the water content of waste paper in bales, stacks and loose fills – developed together and for the hole supply chain.