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KPNB Komponenten+Partner Nicole Buschmeier


Düsseldorfer Straße 37 · 42781 Haan, Germany







  • N. Buschmeier ( Owner )

Recognition of potential savings. Efficient and sustainable use of resources. We assist with this and you save energy, raw materials, time and money.

KPNB offers a net-work with specialists and market leaders from different areas of the paper industry. We connect you with experts to improve your production processes regarding efficiency, product quality and sustainability.
What challenges are you facing?
Use the KPNB-Net-Work and - at the IMPS - speak directly with Nicole Buschmeier, to find you solutions, good partners and alternatives.
At the IMPS, personally joining us are Mikko Kinnunen, Vice President Operations of Tasowheel Systems - the specialist for CD Profiling and Control since 1979 and Bettina Müller, 2B-Balanced, independent technical consutant for mechanical and plant engineering.
Other experts from the KPNB-Net-Work focus on maintenance, training, machine and plant engineering, offer professional audits, innovative measuring devices + systems and optimisations along your production line. Some of our specialists are: