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X-Rite GmbH


Fraunhoferstr. 11b, 82152 Martinsried, Germany




+49 89 85707 0


+49 89 85707 111

  • U. Sommerfeld ( International Sales Manager )
  • H. Heinze-Jeck ( International Sales Manager )

X-Rite GmbH is the global leader when focusing on color measurement and Closed Loop Color Control directly in the paper production machine.

The systems are used worldwide for white paper (with and without OBA), colored paper (including deep shades), laminate paper (measurement in the pulp and before drying section), packaging paper and liner board. More than 800 In-Line installations in the paper industry around the world prove the reliability of the systems and provide a good reference.
Sales, engineering, installation and service worldwide are provided from one hand. Our turn-key solutions include In-Line color measurement, Closed Loop Color Control, connection to any process control system and to other external signals like reel change or paper break and dye pumps.

The system works as a stand-alone unit but can easily communicate with any process control system.
Short transition times are realized by the automatic Closed Loop Color Control. It also helps to reduce dye consumption and take the “guesswork” out of the production by calculating the correct dye adjustment. The independent turnkey system is installed within 3 days, only two hours machine shutdown are necessary to install the frame. This guarantees very fast return on investment (typically 3 to 6 months) and very low cost of ownership.