The International Munich Paper Symposium was, for the first time, held entirely online as a digital conference. This was not planned and had to happend due to the coronavirus pandemic. After the online conference, however, the feedback was positive throughout.

Why was the conference not postponed?

To move the conference to a later date was not possible because the earliest alternatives would have been in November. The autumn is already crowded with other deferred paper conferences. Furthermore, such a late date would already encroach on the 30th IMPS on the 10-12 March 2021, the next symposium.

Consequently, the only alternative would have been to cancel the conference. This would have been a bitter disappointment for the authors who invested so much already. In addition it would not have been possible to fulfill the primary purpose of the IMPS, which is to annually communicate the latest expert knowledge.


The following is an anonymised exceprt from the numerous feedback we received (most feedback occured in German):