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The deadline for the submission of the digital print data für the inserts in the proceedings is Friday the 22nd of April 2022.
Please send the files directly, or as download links, to the following email address:

Advertising or information inserts in the conference proceedings are only permitted for exhbiting companies.

Information on andvertisement in the conference proceedings


Two pages: opposite or front+back?

Every exhibitor may submit 2 printed pages worth of relevant advertising or product information to be printed with the conference proceedings for each conference language (i.e. German and English). Two printed pages equals the front and back side of a single sheet of paper. In total, this means 4 printed pages; two in German and two in English. For each langauge you are encouraged to consider two opposing pages, i.e.right and left page, instead of the front and back side of a sheet of paper. This equals the entire visible space when the proceedings are opened at your insert and may be more impressive than a double sided (front+back) page.

Please let us know which layout your content is intended for! Simply drop us a quick email.

German and Englisch Content

The proceedings are printed in German and English, and you may submit your insert in both languages (= a total of 4 pages). Both, the German and the English proceedings are printed together in one single book. The book starts in English from one side and in German from the other side. The two parts meet in the middle of the book. If material is submitted in only one language, then it will only be printed in that part of the proceedings.

Print Information

The exact dimensions, safety margins and bleed/trim are exemplified in the brochure of the printers.
The most important points are listed below:

Please do not forget to include the bleed (3mm) in your document. Refer to the information by the printers for more details.

The safety margin is being printed upon. It is there to ensure that no text or information is cut off or placed where it would be hard to read.

Information from the Printers

Further Information for Designers

Information on the PDF-Files

PDF files have to correspond to PDF/X-3:2002 standard. Please observe the following requirements:

In addition to the PDF/X-3:2002 standard settings please also note:

Additional information regarding PDF/X-3:2002 can be found here.