BM Green Cooling GmbH

We are a cooling solution provider for all your cooling needs in Your paper mill!
We provide turnkey solutions for energy efficient cooling projects. Our main principle is to make as energy efficient and reliable cooling solutions as is possible with the newest technology. We achieve this by using as much natural cooling as possible, either freecooling from the ambient air or direct water cooling from a river, a lake or a sea. By using natural cooling, up to 80% of energy can be saved compared to the standard mechanical cooling!

Our solutions include:

  • Natural cooling solutions with ambient air or water
  • Geothermal cooling
  • Heat recovery solutions
  • Building modular cooling solutions to be able to add capacity flexibly
  • Optimizing the existing cooling solutions of all sizes

We are located in Nürnberg, Germany but we work internationally. Our team speaks fluent English, Finnish, German, Turkish and French.