wolf heilmann produkte für die papiererzeugung

wolf heilmann produkte für die papiererzeugung is your partner for innovative products and services for successful papermaking.
We represent in Germany and Central Europe in between others:

  • N.C.R. Biochemical:
    high performance deaereators, efficient cleaning of clothing, innovative soft coating for tissue

  • baumeister chemicals & consulting:
    barrier coatings, elastic dry strength agent for increased tensile and burst resistance as well as tear growth resistance, specialty chemicals for specialty papers, pigment stabilisers

  • Compact Engineering:
    energy saving high performance infrared dryers for drying, pre heating and moisture profile control

  • Steiner:
    Direct dyes for stationary, tissue and packaging

  • Sandar Industries:
    turn-over bands and systems

  • Amberger Kaolinwerke:
    rotogravure pigments and specialty clay

We support paper mills in the treatment of water loops and sticky scavenging.
Additionally we support paper mills outside Germany optimising their production and quality as well as with the development of new grades. Besides we support suppliers getting access to markets in Asia, South America as well as Europe.