KPNB Komponenten+Partner Nicole Buschmeier

KPNB works since December 2012 as go-between for paper and board producers and specialised suppliers. We bring you in touch with experts for your efficient production process and product quality improvement.
You get direct contact to the specialists in different areas – from stock preparation to the pope reel. This way you save energy, raw materials, time and money.
You get cooperation on eye-level, together with decades of experience and know how, state-of-the-art equipment and measuring & control instruments in the areas of:

  • stock preparation and reject handling
  • CD control
  • professional audits, maintenance, optimisations throughout your production line

There are many points where you can improve process efficiency: pulping, screening, dewatering, CD-control, head boxes, coating stations, press sections, steam boxes, vacuum pumps and systems and, of course, in maintenance!
Where does the shoe pinch you?! Make use of our network and get to know experts in the industry that can help you meet more than one challenge. All our partners work in the industry for more than 20 years.