emco Elektronische Mess- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH

Knowing paper better!

Knowing paper better with emco measuring technologies!

30 years of experience in the field of paper testing for the paper manufacturing and converting industry

We are developing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of measuring instruments and automatic testing machines that are used for testing paper, board and pulp.
The use of emco measuring and testing technology results in know-how of the interrelationships between measurement results, paper properties and optimum process control. Knowledge of paper properties reduces costs, makes paper processing plannable and enables environmentally friendly industrial production.

We offer you a range of innovative and high-quality measuring and testing devices:

  • Moisture measuring system for recycled paper emco AP 500-M6 solution
  • Moisture measuring system for pulp emco CMM
  • emco DPM Dynamic Penetration Measurement for examining paper composition via ultrasound. Functionality of paper in interaction with any liquid in the process-relevant time range: Sizing, capillarity, special applications.
  • Paper testing technology – emco IBT Internal Bond Tester, emco NDT Wet Expansion Tester
  • Image Analysis System emco IAS with various applications, e.g. for Scarredness, Press Marks, Embossing and Cockling